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We love working with Lola & Sophie! Shooting their styles for the lookbook and website is something our team always looks forward to. Each and every shoot is a blast and we love working with such professionals in their fields.

We thought we would share with you some tips on looking your best in photos. Let's see how the pros make the camera work for them!

Move (a little)

Worst thing is to get an photo of yourself looking like a deer a headlights. Try moving, a little, in front of the camera at the start of your shoot. With the guidance of your photographer, figure out where is a good point to walk in the frame. This will give your photos a little movement and get you warmed up for the rest of your shoot. 



Give the camera some attitude! Show that you mean business and give your best look :D


Hands on Hips

Put your hands on your hips to accentuate your figure.


Flirty Legs

Avoid standing in front of the camera without engaging your legs. Switch the weight on your legs from side to side or slightly cross your legs to look effortless in front of the camera.


Show Your Best Side

Another super flattering pose is pivot away from the camera a little. This will help give you a slimmer appereance in the image.



Accessories can be your best friend while in a shoot. They show more of your personality and give your portrait a little more depth. The accessories can be playful or help give you that serious edge.


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